Saturday, December 8, 2007

Top Museum Moments

The above photo is my friend Jessie

I have to start keeping a list, because my job is awesome.
We'll start out of order:

- Dusting the Seer
- Driving across campus in the Van
- Going in the humidity room (the wind tunnel room)
- Handling Rembrandts
- Riding the pallet jack
- Handling Warhols and Langes
- Exhibition meetings
- Security

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Two months since my...

It's never a baby. Not that we're trying, but there's always a scare when it goes this long. Then we look at the results and go "oh." But not so much in an "OH, whew" sort of way, but a "oh..." sort of way. And I'm always relieved a few hours later, and the next day I realize that it's not the right time at all, and the next time I hear some kid wailing in Wal-mart I decide that I will definitely never have kids.

I kid, of course.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

This is just a Tribute

I just got back from Denver. It was awesome.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Denver, Denver

So this trip to Denver has become a road trip with the girls that I work with. I couldn't be happier.

The Denver Art Museum (DAM, haha) has this exhibit that has been loaned from the Louvre, and apparently it's the first time that the Louvre has loaned anything to the Western Hemisphere. And as museum junkies, the girls at work and I have been very excited about this momentous occasion, and have decided to drive out to Denver in a couple of weeks to be a part of it. We all love museums, we've all decided that we want to work in museums for the rest of our lives, it's only natural that we'd want to go. Plus, most of us have been dying to go to Denver on a road trip anyway.

My friend Jessie is going, she is married like me, and Kirsten and Kelsey are going, two single girls. Ever since I got married, I've thought that I would still able to go on trips with friends of mine if I wanted. Unfortunately, that trip never came up, and when my friends got married a trip with them became unlikely as they moved away or had other responsibilities. But now it's here, it's possible!

I'm looking forward to this trip not only as a cultural perk, but as a break and a reminder that there's still some freedom in life.

Monday, September 10, 2007

It got cold today

I love this time of year. September through December. These four months feel so good. We finally got out of the tedious hell that is "summer temperatures." I stepped outside of work today for a few minutes and the sun was warm but the breeze was cool, and it brought back so many good feelings. It was the same feeling as standing outside of swim practice waiting for mom to pick me up... walking across the grassy knolls where we'd eat lunch... watching the kids swing tetherballs and walk around in their P.E. clothes.

And it's only going to get colder, and I can start wearing scarves and mittens and knit hats. Small pleasures in life, but they give this whole season a special feeling. It's like Christmas come early. And by the time Christmas comes around, it doesn't feel like Christmas anymore. So everyone wish me a merry Christmas!

Sunday, September 9, 2007


Here it is, my public blog.

My first post has been removed, for your protection, and moved to a secure location. Rest easy, folks.