Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wheat Update: Is it alive?

Everyone has been asking me about my wheat.  How's your wheat?  Did it survive the winter?

The answer is YES.  Behold:

It survived, along with a bunch of weeds that grew up in between the rows making everything almost indistinguishable.  The light-colored tufts you see in the picture above are the weeds.  Here are my first efforts at weeding, in which I pretty much just give the weeds a haircut:

I took these pictures in early May, so these pictures are a little old.
I still have to weed about half of the plot, but between work and a toddler and a husband who isn't awake during the day, it seems impossible.  But little by little, hopefully it will get done. 

Well, I started feeling guilty for giving you pictures from a month ago, so I went and snapped some just now.  Here's what it's looking like today:

Amazing, right?  Even a bonehead like me could grow them.  I've also got all sorts of other little miracles popping up in the planters on my patio:


Green beans

A melon (I'm hoping for honeydew but I'm not sure)

Herbs, I think Basil and Parsley


This is the first year that I've ever really tried to grow anything, and I'm sure not everything will work out, but I'm learning a lot (for instance: the plants like to be watered EVERY day... huh). 

I got Jane a teeny, tiny watering can so she can "help" me water our garden.  The first time I gave it to her she didn't let go of it for 40 minutes.  She sure is doing a lot of growing herself!