Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 Reading Review

In 2012 I read 62 books and a total of 20, 391 pages.  That's a lotta meatballs.  More than I have read in any past year ever.  Here are the charts that Goodreads does so nicely:

Number of books read:

And pages read:

I have five favorites from the year.  They are:

For Darkness Shows the Stars, which is my #1 favorite.

#2 and 3 are a tie between these two:

Ready Player One

Throne of Glass

Followed by two sequels in dystopia series, which are:

Pandemonium (Sequel to Delirium)

and Prodigy by Marie Lu (Sequel to Legend)

If I was a good blogger I would chat about why those are my favorites or whatnot.

But I'm not a good blogger.

Deal with it.
But I will say, I'm already reading a book right now that might be my very favorite for 2013 and might even knock Pride and Prejudice out of place for my Favorite Book.  Basically, I'm saying that I want to put down roots in a good neighborhood with this book and read it again and again until we're old and grey/tattered and earning social security.  I love it that much.  But I haven't finished it yet so we'll see.  (more later)

I don't have any book resolutions for 2013.  Oh, wait, I do.  I have a goal to read more Book Club books (because I am the head of the book club team at my library).  But I don't have a number-of-books-read goal.  Hitting 62 was pretty cool last year (that's about 5 per month) as well as most pages ever.

As far as general 2013 resolutions go, I resolve to keep treading water and to try to not get too dramatic about how I feel most of the time.  2012 was a very lovely year, thanks to Michael and his efforts to make it "The Year of Fun."  We did have lots of fun last year.  If I have anything to say about it, 2013 will be good, too.  Hopefully.


Adam said...

Wow, 62 books! And yet somehow I bet you still haven't finished that Wheel of Time book you borrowed... J/K ;-)

Hannah said...

I love this post. I started a comment, but it seemed too long. So, there's an email coming your way. :)

Sharon said...

A friend wrote a book just about to be published called "The Burying Man." I read one of her draft versions and really enjoyed it -- not just because she is my friend. It could be a good book club selection for you.