Thursday, June 11, 2009

I waited a long time to get 4 lousy nuggets

Today there was an older lady in line ahead of me at the Wendy's drive thru. You know how there are two menu boards at drive thrus now? One with some menu items listed, and then a second one that actually has the speaker? This lady was giving her order to the non-speaker menu board. And then she got no reply and looked really confused. And I think her husband was in the car with her, and they were both totally baffled.

I was sitting in line behind watching all of this, and the librarian in me was chomping at the bit to help her. I kept thinking, "Should I go up there? I could just hop out and run up and tell her where it is. But that's such a stupid librarian thing to do - do I have to help everybody all the time?? Besides she'll think I'm crazy, coming up to her window and telling her what to do."

I guess I debated too long, because then she put on her blinker to curve around the drive-thru lane, passed the speaker menu completely, and went to the window to pick up her order. She talked to those people at the window for a loooong time.

p.s. To Wendy's: 4 nuggets for 99 cents? Are you really so lame that you took it from 5 to 4 pieces? Is that really bailing you out of this economic crisis - 1 less nugget in an already almost worthless menu item?

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