Friday, July 24, 2009

Ice cream and cakey cake

You know how you see a weird commercial and you're not really sure what you think of it? And after seeing it a few times you decide if you like it or not?

I've decided: I love this commercial. Especially the dancing dinosaur! He's my favorite.


Hugs from mom said...

Austin's having a chocolate chip mint ice cream cake for his birthday party tomorrow. Yay! It's even from Baskin Robbins (our families favorite). I think I'm more excited than he is.

Nikki Jenson said...

Breanne, you are a 'special' breed of people!

jes said...

What those cakes only cost $10!? When I was little having an ice cream cake for your birthday was like my parents giving me GOLD!

crabbyman said...

Ice creamy cakey cake!
Ice creamy cakey cake!
Ice cream and cakey cake!
Ice cream and cakey cake! addicting!