Thursday, January 7, 2010


I enjoy reading the Voice of Reason blog, and today she talked about resolutions for the new year. I have to quote what she says because it mirrors my own feelings (except coming from me it would probably sound more grouchy and slightly breathless):

I'm not going to make any resolutions. I have decided that January is not so much a resolutions kind of month. If anything the cold temperatures, gray skies, and snowy roads are more conducive to a "let's be more like bears" month. (Staying inside as much as possible, check. Grouchiness, check. Thick winter pelt, also check.)

Resolutions take energy. And it's hard to try to drum up energy when it's been dark for 6 weeks and the only place that energy is going to get you is outside, where it's cold. To me, March or April would be better for resolutions because that's when you start caring about life again. January, I have now decided and decreed, is the time to stay warm and eat soup.



Nikki Jenson said...

Here! Here! I agree to no resolutions till the end of summer... oh, what did she say again?! (Except I love resolutions - they really jump start my 'OCD' and that gets me moving through the depressing weather so I don't hang myself!)Lol!

Ross and Kathy said...

The days have been so warm here that I've been wearing one short sleeve shirt for my walks, and I'm still hot when I get home. No excuses for resolutions here. I'm up to 14 miles for the first week. Wish me luck on the other 51 weeks.