Friday, December 10, 2010

My Halloween Costume

This year I worked on the Friday before Halloween at the library. Can you guess what I went as?

I am wearing: My hair in a bun with a pencil stuck in it, thick glasses with chain, a collared long-sleeved white shirt with an ugly vest, my library nametag, a big necklace, a "Readers Rule" bookmark, plaid skirt, but the best things were my stockings and sensible shoes, but they are hard to see in this photo.

 One patron who came up to ask me a question was like, "Wow, you REALLY look like a librarian." And I was like "Yeah, that's the point." And he just looked at me. So I said, "It's my Halloween costume?"
And after a few more seconds,  that guy really LAUGHED.
This is just another example of my Halloween costume blowing up in my face. Last year when I was six months pregnant I wore a "BUMP" road sign on my belly, and I think people were too afraid or polite to ask me if I was actually pregnant or just fat. And this year, I guess they all thought that this was how I really dressed.

How embarrassing.  =)

Please forgive this very late post, I will re-date it to Oct 31st in a few days but for now it will hang out at the top of my blog.


Jacque said...

Oh my goodness that is hilarious!! I can't stop laughing. I'm glad he laughed hard once he got it, it would've been bad if he'd been like, "oh, well, that's not much of a costume."

Ross and Kathy said...

I think it's a great costume. I can just hear Homer Simpson saying, "Doooooooooooo!"

Barney Family said...


amy jo said...

Awesome. I think it is hilarious and genuis.