Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wheat Update: Is it alive?

Everyone has been asking me about my wheat.  How's your wheat?  Did it survive the winter?

The answer is YES.  Behold:

It survived, along with a bunch of weeds that grew up in between the rows making everything almost indistinguishable.  The light-colored tufts you see in the picture above are the weeds.  Here are my first efforts at weeding, in which I pretty much just give the weeds a haircut:

I took these pictures in early May, so these pictures are a little old.
I still have to weed about half of the plot, but between work and a toddler and a husband who isn't awake during the day, it seems impossible.  But little by little, hopefully it will get done. 

Well, I started feeling guilty for giving you pictures from a month ago, so I went and snapped some just now.  Here's what it's looking like today:

Amazing, right?  Even a bonehead like me could grow them.  I've also got all sorts of other little miracles popping up in the planters on my patio:


Green beans

A melon (I'm hoping for honeydew but I'm not sure)

Herbs, I think Basil and Parsley


This is the first year that I've ever really tried to grow anything, and I'm sure not everything will work out, but I'm learning a lot (for instance: the plants like to be watered EVERY day... huh). 

I got Jane a teeny, tiny watering can so she can "help" me water our garden.  The first time I gave it to her she didn't let go of it for 40 minutes.  She sure is doing a lot of growing herself!


Ross and Kathy said...

Kathy harvested some amaryllis seeds back in April. We put some in sprouting containers in May, and last weekend we planted about fifty outside in the garden. Afterwards my legs wouldn't work right. It's lots of fun getting things to grow. But, how about that Jane? She is growing just beautifully.

Hugs from mom said...

It's a Miracle! lol. Actually I'm really proud of you. I share that same feeling every fall when I have a garden full of tomatoes and other delights. It's wonderful knowing exactly where your food is coming from.
Let me know when you grind your wheat. I'm really curious about that. I'm starting to feel like the cat in the Little Red Hen.

Kylen and Adrienne said...

Totally awesome!!! Way to go!