Saturday, November 26, 2011

30 days of book Discussion: Day 6

A book that made you sad

I'd have to say that The Time Traveler's Wife made me pretty sad.  The first half of the book is amazing and exhilarating.  Then the second half of the book takes you slowly down this path of sorrow until you're finally submerged in the depression because things get SO SAD.  The book does take a slight turn for the better by the end, but I think by that point I was so weary with sadness I barely noticed.  I actually think the movie handles things a bit better, I wasn't quite as depressed by all of the sad stuff, and then the happy parts in the ending really left you feeling better.

Still, I really liked this book.  It's hard to recommend to friends, though, because there are quite a few love scenes.  It's actually easier to recommend the movie because of the not-quite-as-bad depression, I liked the way they did the ending better, and the PG-13 rating makes sure that my friends won't be too scandalized.  =)


Hugs from mom said...

Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah totally made me cry and then I bought a copy for mom. It had all these cool Russian stories in it that I thought she would enjoy. And, you know, Russian stories are always sad.

amy jo said...

I had to take a break in the middle of THe Kite Runner because it was so depressing. I also found Wuthering Heights and Cat's Eye sad too. Of all three Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood was was my favorite. Kind of captures growing up pains of girls.

Hannah said...

I have to chime in with an "amen". The Time Traveler's Wife devastated me. I was crying for days.