Sunday, January 13, 2013

Follow up

Well, it didn't knock Pride and Prejudice out of the top spot, but I think it's in my top five.

I listened to the audiobook, and as it is set in Australia, they had an Australian guy read the book. He sounds just like the man from Snowy River and I pretty much want to marry him now.  I loved the main character, Tom, in this book.  He is a Good Man, which is my favorite type of male character.  There are exquisite thoughts about life and raising children and so much of it reflected how I feel about my own children and the experiences I've had with them.

This is a Sad Book.  I didn't think that I could love a Sad Book so much, but I do.  I think it's obvious that I am a Happy Book person and that's how I roll.  But I still enjoyed every minute of this, even if so many of them had me silently weeping in the car on my way to work or while laying in bed with Colin sleeping near me.  It was actually kind of cathartic.

A couple of things kept this out of the #1 spot for me, which I'd be happy to chat about with anyone who reads the book, but it's still very good.  I certainly won't look at a lighthouse without a huge amount of sentiment (and maybe a little heartache) any time soon.


M said...

Ooh! Thanks for the recommendation, Breanne! I always love your recommendations.


FoxyJ said...

I just read this book and I think we should chat about it some time. I mostly liked it, especially the Good Man.