Thursday, May 15, 2008

Explaination for Lauren:

This is my friend Jessie and me, just before we saw Speed Racer. We took the photo for our friend Kelsey, who is out of town and misses us. We like to rub it in that we are having fun without her. (Just kidding, Kelsey)


Hugs from mom said...

I'm confused. I think you need to explain what's up with the sign or where you are, cause I have no idea. And what happened with your blog titled "Why" but then you didn't write anything. I feel like you've finished these thoughts somewhere else and I wasn't invited. :(

Brooke & Max Stoneman said...

Breanne! thanks for commenting on my blog - you are never sure if anyone is actually reading your blog. I'll keep track of you through your blog!

Kelsey said...

This still brings a tear to my eye!