Friday, October 10, 2008

Maybe I don't get enough to eat?

Sometimes when I'm at work, I fantasize about what I might do if I wasn't at work.

(Note, I just gave my boss my blog address today, so this really is a bad subject to start with, but she knows that I'm just kidding and when I'm at work I'm ridiculously happy and would never dream of anything non-work-related)

So like I said, I fantasize about what I might do if I was at home. And lately it has all revolved around cooking. And I know: I could cook when I'm not at work! I could, you're right. But I just don't. But everybody fantasizes about what they'd do when they finally get some "time," or to quote a fabulous quotable, "that illusive and non-existent future when you will have time to do all that you want to do."

So, to totally miss the point and continue with what I was saying, if I had the time, I would make this:

And this!:

And the casseroles, oh how I would make the casseroles!!

Instead, I live vicariously through others and subscribe to several delectable food blogs. It's fantastic! They have amazing photos of the completed recipe, but also step-by-step photos to add interest and make the whole process of cooking look like a fabulously enjoyable and almost therapeutic experience.

I even went so far as to make one, one day. This is what I was trying to make:

As we have so much zucchini in our gardens lately (I know, that's a lie, I didn't plant any either), I'm eager for zucchini recipes. I laid my laptop on the counter and started boiling and grating and mixing to my heart's content. Except that I didn't follow the recipe exactly. And maybe I put in a little too much chili pepper. And sort of did a crazy thing with the parsley that I won't explain out of embarrassment. And I didn't have any Parmesan so I used mozzarella. But anyway, my husband liked it.

Here's a list of food blogs that I subscribe to, and I'd love to hear if anyone has any recommendations for me:

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Hugs from mom said...

What a sweet husband you have! Those pictures made me hungry just looking at them. It seems every time I try a new recipe it isn't quite as delicious as I'd hoped, but it's always better the second time. So keep trying.