Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Notable Quote

I follow this fabulous blog, and I couldn't help but include a quote.

She's discussing the upcoming holidays and the marketing frenzy surrounding them.

"It's been interesting listening to editorials about Our Current Economic Crisis, and how what really needs to happen is for Americans to get out there and spend. By being good little consumers, we can save the day, the country, AND THE WORLD.

Except that logic seems wrong to me. I mean, maybe it would help the GNP and the businesses who are making less this year than they're used to, but would it actually help us as individuals? Telling us to run out there and spend money on things we may not need and almost certainly can't afford? Because maybe I don't want to jump onto your Hamster Wheel of Disposable Crap, government. And yes, I'm sure all of our insatiable greed for whatever is newest, best, biggest, and shiniest has helped our economy. Until, you know, we saw the consumer debt amount climb and the bankruptcy and foreclosure rates rise."

I'm not saying this is my opinion about what/how the economy should be or anything. I'm posting it because it makes me feel better about not wanting to spend anything myself.

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Anonymous said...

I heard a poetic commentary from Andrei Codrescu about the economy leading to a haiku. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.