Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas Wishes

Earlier this season, I started noting things I saw online that I wanted for Christmas. I kept a really good list, but Michael surprised me by finishing all of my Christmas shopping before we even hit November! (Sadly, he finished before I had time to show him my list) But I thought I'd put up my list on my blog, in case any of you out there are trying to come up with ideas for your friends and family this holiday season.

First up, this cute necklace with bird pendant. Cute little designs with birds on them sell like hotcakes, and you may have noticed that I always include a bird on each of my new blog designs. I can't get enough of little birds, and these won't be the last you see on my list. I spotted these little guys on this blog, and they're sold at this website.

These are cute little charm necklaces that I saw on this blog one day. I think they're charming and fun. They even have sets of two for best friends or mother/daughter or sisters. If I get pregnant again I definitely want the cute little rabbit one to wear around like my little secret. Of course, it's hardly a secret when I go telling everyone what it means. These charmers can be ordered here.

"The ideal product for those who like to whizzz around in the kitchen, who know that a table spoon of oil here and a bit of soy there is the standard procedure. One is constantly in need of some liquid and that means open bottle, close bottle, open bottle, close bottle." I love gift ideas that serve a purpose but still look snazzy. Quoted from this blog, and can be ordered from this page.

For some reason lately, I have fallen in love with any form of the alphabet paired with representations of each letter. These little flashcards are so adorable, and you could use them to decorate in lots of cute ways.

This is actually something I need, a rack for jewelry (my jewelry is just floating around my bathroom at the moment). I also like this product for the simple design and functionality. Discovered on this blog, and can be purchased here.

I love cake but I'm not a huge fan of frosting. I love these cake stencils because you can use powdered sugar to make the designs. I see them being an especially fun gift for a niece of mine who loves to bake, but I've already finished my shopping. I think this specific set is sold out on, but they have lots of similar cake stencils in stock. Found on this blog.

More cute little birds. Just can't get enough. Seen on this blog, and can be ordered from this site.

More alphabets with cute animals. But the bonus is that this site also does the numbers 1-10, with animals making up each of the numbers in a pretty display around the center. Found on this blog, and sold here.
And lastly, what better than the gift that helps us to prioritize? These are a thoughtful little gift, perfect as a small present. Seen on this blog, and are ordered from here.

A lot of these gift ideas come from the same fantastic blog that I follow. It's called Design Crush, where the blogger posts great product finds (and other goodies) that she's seen on the internet from time to time. For the holiday season, she's put together 17 lists of gift ideas organized into personality types! Absolutely brilliant. She hasn't posted all 17 yet, but take a look at what she's posted so far (links below), and I'll try to keep my blog updated with her newest lists.

Ideas for:
The foodie
The hipster
The office folk (love #1)
The animal lover
The little ones (love #9)
The music lover
The girly-girl
The minimalist
The cook
The paper lover
The manly man
The artiste
The homebody
The fashionista
The greenie


Jacque said...

sweet ideas. I really like the birdy necklace.

Kelly said...

thanks for the mention :)