Sunday, December 14, 2008

A few more notes on the Christmas Wishlist

I have a few more notes on Christmas wishes, but I didn't want that post to be so very long, so I thought I'd put an update up today.

These are some items that didn't quite make the initial cut for me, but are worth mentioning:
1. Cute little salt boxes for your kitchen sink. An attractive way to keep a pinch of salt close at hand.
2. Nutritional pyramid lunchbox. It doesn't appear to be the most secure or functional thing, but the idea is inspiring and the design is chic.
3. Pip squeak chapeaus. I would need a little tyke of my own to put these on, but I can't resist how adorable they are.
4. Cutest onesies ever, but really more of a baby shower gift than a Christmas present.
5. 2009 calendar. Again, I just love the little birds.
6. You can find another great list of goodies on seriouslysoblessed this weekend.

Also - there is one cute idea that I'm holding back, simply because it's what I got for my family this year. But if you're curious and not related to me, send me an email and I'll fill you in.

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The Dysfunctional Librarian said...

Lots of great ideas B. Sorry I didn't see you last Saturday, I missed you! Hope you are feeling better.