Friday, April 2, 2010

Dear person next door:

Why have you been sitting on a dirt bike in your driveway revving your engine for the past 20 minutes? Don't you want to drive around a little, maybe? Take that puppy for a spin?

yours sincerely,
your neighbor

p.s. my inquiry is only slightly motivated by the infant I have sleeping in the next room.


Barney Family said...

It's some kind of code, I think, among people who start cars/motorcycles/semi-trucks and leave them running and/or revving for long, long periods of time. It must mean something, it just isn't meant for us "outsiders" to understand. My neighbor drives semis for a living, and likes to let his warm up for 2 or 3 hours every time before he leaves for a trip. I try turning on every bathroom fan, the stove fan, the portable fans I have, the TV, a radio or two and anything else I can to drown out that reverberating hum that makes me want to claw my skin off. Just saying. But also, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!

Sharon said...

I so enjoy the humor... and Michael's, too. Good to see you again. You are a wee thing on my blog. And Adam is a blonde.