Thursday, April 29, 2010

Movie glue

While looking at my new favorite site today (1000 awesome things), I came across an intriguing post - what are your "Glue" movies? The movies that you get stuck on while you're flipping channels, even though you've seen them 10 times already. It got me thinking about what mine are:

Pride and Prejudice (2005)
- hands down. I will watch it. I don't care that it was just on last week on another channel. I don't care that I am sitting through commercials when I own the movie and I could just put it in because it's RIGHT THERE. I don't care that I know all of the lines and scenes so well that I can tell when the network is editing out parts. Give me the idyllic settings, the regency clothing, the way-too-gorgeous cast.

The Incredibles (and by extension, most Pixar films) - this movie is just so visually stunning to me that I get sucked in each and every time, and I will wait through four minutes of commercials just to get back to that eye-popping goodness. Not to mention the aces storyline and action.

Zoolander - this movie gets funnier each time I watch it. The punchlines get better, and if you can watch it often and memorize them so you can repeat them later, even better. Plus if I'm catching it on TV, they will always blissfully edit out that stupid scene where ben stiller is getting a massage - the one marr on a great movie, in my opinion.

The Parent Trap with Linsey Lohan
- I don't care what Lohan's done since, this movie is charming, and that scene where she sees her mom for the first time always makes me cry. (But I do change the channel for the stupid scene where the lizard crawls into that chick's mouth. No one needs to see that.)

Then there are some movies that I really don't like, and I can't understand why I keep watching them when they come on TV. A few examples: Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, and Miss Congeniality. I'm really really annoyed by these movies but I get sucked in! Maybe it's because nothing else is on?

There are a lot of others that could go on this list, but I have to stop somewhere. What are your glue movies?


Kylen and Adrienne said...

Let's see...mine are: Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Two Weeks Notice, Rush Hour, While You Were Sleeping, Steel Magnolias. I'm sure there's more, but I just don't get sick of those.

Adam said...

- Any of the Matrix movies
- Clueless (/boggle)
- Gladiator
- Anything with Arnold Schwarzenegger or Bruce Willis (except Kindergarden cop -- seriously, what was the deal with that?)

Nikki Jenson said...

You are 'laugh out loud' hilarious! Brent and I watched the worst movie of all time last night till 11pm cuz we got 'sucked in' - even though we changed the channel 3 times trying to get away! We can't even remember the name of it, something awful from the 80's!

Ryan said...

Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Lynne said...

Gosford Park - it's like velvet to my eyes
No Country for Old Men - crystal clear
this would be like channel surfing on a friend's tube