Monday, June 7, 2010

Information Age

Sometimes I use an online recipe planner called I like this site because you can choose what recipes you want to make for the week, and it will build a grocery list for you. Many users have submitted their recipes and you can search for something, or you can add your own recipes and keep them public or private. The whole grocery-list-aspect makes it tempting to put everything on the list that you will need to buy for the week. I came across a good example of this the other day:

Bowl of Cheerios

2 cups Milk, 1 cup Cheerios

Put the Cheerios into a bowl, then cover them with the milk.

I found it pretty funny, but then I saw this in the comments:

wrote on March 05, 2008

I tried to make this, but I just couldn’t get it to turn out right at first. Some things I’ve learned:

- A bowl is essential. I tried with a dinner plate first and that did not work.

- The Chef failed to mention this, so I thought I’d help you guys out: you need a SPOON — forks do NOT work.

- This dish does NOT keep well. I wanted to get a head start and prepare my meals for the week and save them. Needless to say, this didn’t keep as well as I thought (and yes, I tried freezing too!).

So helpful! Isn't it great what you can learn on the internet?


Jacque said...

That is so funny! Wise guy.

Nikki Jenson said...

If people are really that stupid then somebody help them, but even if they're trying to be funny... not so funny!