Saturday, July 24, 2010


You guys! There are neighborhood boys mowing my lawn right now!

Yaaaa!! This is so awesome! Ok, I paid them, but still! Cheap, local labor! And they're going to EDGE.
I've only owned a house for a year, why haven't I thought of this yet? Have you ALL been doing this and not telling me how great it is?!

I haven't asked Michael if it was okay if I paid these kids to do it. He's asleep but he asked me to wake him up after only 6 hours of sleep so that he could mow the lawn. So now he gets to sleep! And did I mention they're going to EDGE?? (We don't have a weed wacker, so the edges of the lawn have just been GROWING and GROWING).

When I paid this kid he said, "Sweet, now I can get that extra part for the lawnmower." I don't know why, but I find that adorable. I think it's because he's being responsible with it, whereas I would have run out and spent it all on pop rocks. Plus, he talks like droopy dog (remember him?). He also has a little brother following behind him around the lawn like woodstock trailing snoopy. I know, why all the cartoon dog references? Because it's all so awesome!

Has anyone else experienced the bliss of paying neighborhood kids to do chores that you don't want to do?


Hugs from mom said...

I did that while Ryan was in school because neither of us had the time or the energy. That was after I spent a year or so doing it myself. But you know what's even better? Paying your own son to do it! Too bad we don't live closer. Dallin would love to earn extra money.

Nikki Jenson said...

I can't pay my kids to do anything!