Monday, August 2, 2010


I've just spent an hour watching videos of flashmobs online. I've decided this is my favorite one so far:

Is it wrong that I wished this would happen every day of my life?

This one is good, too, but it loses street cred because I think they're all paid:

But that's it! I'm not even going to show you the one with the dancing inmates doing Thriller.

Okay, just one more (first half is best):


M said...

So fun! The first clip was choreographed and edited by Bobby Bonsey, who used to live in my ward (back in the day, when my husband was growing up here). We think Bobby also did the Michael Jackson tribute one, since he was in Stolkholm last year.

Breanne said...

Wow! He's a talented guy!

CK Rock said...

This one is my favorite:

Nikki Jenson said...

where do you find this stuff! I was born a generation too late I think!

Adam said...

I like this one:

Nikki, just go to and do a search for "flashmob"

Kylen and Adrienne said...

Holy cow, those videos just made my day...seriously!