Saturday, September 25, 2010

Cottonelle's "Get Fresh With A Friend" campaign

I'm not sure this campaign was well thought out. I can't think of any friends that I'd want to "get fresh" with. And aside from the terminology, what would a friend think of me if I sent them wet wipes? I think I might lose that friend right there.

It would be one thing if the commercial sort of acknowledged that the phrasing is a little... suggestive. But it's just taking itself so seriously, I feel embarrassed for it. I want to pull it aside and explain why everyone in the room is snickering.


M said...

Ha! Yeah, I agree, it seems like this campaign was not well thought out. But I wonder where the "get fresh" connotations came from. I don't think it's terribly common for people in our generation to use that phrase (even though a lot of us know what it means to "get fresh" with someone).

OR - maybe the advertisers had this exact aim. To use the "get fresh" phrase in a completely different context, so that people would discuss it (just like we're doing now).

Breanne said...

Dang, I never thought of that, Mon!