Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

It seems like every time Michael and I talk about Valentine's Day, he quotes another Futurama episode where some of those Valentine's Day conversation hearts are given to aliens.  After the aliens taste them they spit them out and say, "Eugh!  These candies are chalky and unpleasant!"

I laughed as I typed it just now.

So that's what Michael says.  I bring up Valentine's Day and he says, "These candies are chalky and unpleasant!"

I couldn't find the clip on Youtube, but I found a clip of the very next lines:

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone!


Ross and Kathy said...

Candy - any kind - has got to be the best part of Valentines day - 'cause WUV is sooooo sweet.

M said...

Ha ha! That's funny (both the quote you mentioned and the clip).

And I totally side the aliens: those candies are so gross.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Scott, Fia, and Tre said...

Ha ha ha! Tre just tried a conversation heart for the first time last Wednesday! One of his cousins handed one to him and he said, "Yummy, candy!", popped it in his mouth, and seconds later spat it out into his hand saying, "Mom! This is not candy! It's so yucky!" LOL! They are chalky and unpleasant, but oh soooo romantic when you get a BE MINE heart from your elementary school crush!

Barney Family said...

I'm totally confused. I've never seen that show before. How have I missed it? I'm getting old. And I love those disgusting candies--except when they're from last year and they chip a tooth!