Thursday, March 3, 2011

For all you art history buffs

You guys remember that I majored in Art History, right?
Yeah, sometimes I forget, too.
Just kidding.

I miss it, I miss working with and studying art.  One of the few connections I still keep up with the art history world is a really excellent art history blog, Alberti's Window, written by a friend of mine who is teaching the subject up in Washington.  I'm subscribed to a few art history blogs but I like hers the best, she always has something interesting to say and is really thinking about the work she comes across and current issues and discoveries in art.

Well, you can imagine my delight to find out that my senior thesis was mentioned in yesterday's post on her blog!  It makes me feel so special!  I'm going to take it as evidence that my art history soul is not dead.  Thanks, M, for the mention, and keep up the great blogging.


Hugs from mom said...

You're famous! Kind of. :) How cool, though, to be mentioned like that. (I skimmed the article, but it sounded pretty deep).

M said...

Yay! I was happy to mention you in the post. I'm glad you enjoy my blog so much. :)

Hannah said...

Good one, you!

Kylen and Adrienne said...

wow, way to go lady!

Barney Family said...

Your post reminds me of a conversation I had with Doug the other day where I was trying to explain why I like the silly show, "Drop Dead Diva" so much. I told him how, to me, the show is essentially about a woman having to figure out who she really is and recreate herself to fit her new circumstances (after she dies and wakes up in a different woman's body--a woman who is her opposite in just about every way). Anyhow, I told him this theme probably appeals to me so much because it is a reality in women's lives that we have to figure out who we are after having a baby, because, usually, whatever we were working on before comes to a halt, and then again, after children leave home we have to recreate ourselves because our work just moved out. It's kind of a constant issue of building self-identity based on who we were, what we are currently doing, and who we would like to be. I can relate to your wanting to keep the art history part of yourself alive, and your elation at her mentioning you kind of validating that it really is alive out there somewhere. p.s. Good job!