Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Young West-Side

I saw this article in the newspaper the other day. It mentions the "young west-side" of Utah county. That's Saratoga Springs and Eagle Mountain. That's where some of my friends live with their husbands in their new houses. Sandy is where they all grew up, but Sandy is too expensive for them to return to live. So the younger generation that grew up on the East side of Salt Lake County is turning to the aptly-named "young west-side" of Utah county for affordable housing. It's like a generational shift, a migration. Some of the friends that I went to high school with are moving there.

Will I end up there, too?

I don't think so. We're all so different. It's hard to compare lives with your friends, but if I've learned anything these past months, it's that comparing is futile a lot of the time. Even if you try to do the same things, life always deals different hands.

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