Friday, November 21, 2008


A little boy came up to me the other day and asked,
"Um... uh... have you seen, like, a baby?..."

I gave him a very square look and said,
"Are you looking for your mom?"

He nodded.

Not only am I an interpreter, I am a magician!
Or a mind-reader. But magician sounds cooler.

No doubt he was trying to find some kind of identifying factor for me to know who his mom was, but he sadly forgot the key point of telling me that it was a woman that he was looking for.

Coincidentally, my husband Michael misses these kinds of key points often in his conversations with me, and he'll start a conversation something like,
"So this guy was totally drunk, and..."

Me: "Wait, what? Where? When?"

Him: "Oh, when I was in Mexico."

...BIG detail.

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