Monday, November 24, 2008


Ok, I just got home from Twilight. And I have 2 negative things that I have to get off my chest... just 2, that's all! Don't get mad.

First, I thought it was weird. It was just very weird. And I realize that the weirdness of the movie sort of reflected the twisted and unnatural aspect of their relationship... But it took me to almost the end to get used to it.

Second, Edward kept twisting his face into these crazy contorted positions, and a dozen times throughout the movie I caught myself twisting my own face into the same crazy twisted positions (though by the end I decided that I was making painful faces simply because Edward was painfully good-looking).

But I did like it. Even though I had to check on how old Robert Pattinson is just to make sure my thoughts about him are legal... he's 22. (If you don't know I'm joking then shame on you!)

And aside from Edward... the hottest actor in the movie award goes to..... ALICE! HUBBA HUBBA! Love that hair.

Oh and did anyone else think that James looks like a young Sabertooth from x-men?


Kylen and Adrienne said...

Hilarious! I bet I'll have the same reaction whenever I get around to seeing it. And yeah, they got a perfect Alice, although I always imagined her blonde even though the book said she was brunette...I think I sub-consciously always put Alice from Alice in Wonderland's looks to anyone named Alice. I hardly ever imagine characters the way the author wants me to...I'm rebellious that way (and just too attached to Disney movies).

Brooke Stoneman said...

Really? I've been sick about the movie for weeks, but I have read two good blog reviews of it just tonight. I trust your judgment (I picked up Mistborn tonight ps), but I'll admit I'm dubious of the other... Maybe I'll see it, maybe I won't - I just can't decide!