Sunday, November 23, 2008

Post #100

At our library we have a ballroom that people can book for wedding receptions. When I was working on Friday night I noticed a lot of dressy people heading up that way. I looked at the calendar and said to my co-worker:

"November 21st. That's sort of a cozy day to get married."

She says: "Yeah. But it's also sort of hard having something during the holidays. For instance, my birthday is during the holidays and it's sort of a bummer sometimes."

I say: "Oh really? When is your birthday?"

She hesitates, and then looks embarrassed and says, "Today, actually."

Wow! She was gonna go the whole day and not say anything! So I made a big deal out of it to tease her. What are the chances, huh? She told me that in the past she's gotten turkey cakes for her birthday (I weep for the child she was), and it reminded me of one of my favorite sites, Cake Wrecks. I never knew turkey cakes even existed!

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Hugs from mom said...

I'm so mad at you! I just put my makeup on 'cause I have to go to the kids school soon (can't go without a face) and I decided to check your blog. Cute post but then I decided to click on your link. I have tears streaming down my freshly powdered cheeks! How could you! That is the funniest blog I've seen in a long time. Thanks for sharing but next time, warn me.