Monday, July 14, 2008

My big painting

It looked smaller in the truck.

When I bought this painting, I knew that I wouldn't be able to hang it until we move to a different place. It's large. It really doesn't matter that I can't hang it right away, I'm glad that it's here in one piece and ready for the future.

But it does sort of present a problem when you look at it in my kitchen. I don't really have space to hang it, but I do want to look at it! It seems sad to leave it crated until we move to a bigger place, but that might be the safest thing to do.

Who wants to bet that I'm ripping it open by Thursday?


Brooke Stoneman said...

What is the painting of!? The treasury isn't big inside. It just goes back maybe 6 feet or so. Kind of a let down, but I had been warned.

Hugs from mom said...

Well we all want to see it too, so you might as well open it. Good enough reason for ya? You know, you can always hang it at my house, maybe then it will sell.