Monday, July 7, 2008

Resolutions: Step 2

Ok. My sister Jacque called me and got the ball rolling again. She's joining me in taking on my resolutions again, but this time with some modifications...

I realized that Step 2 has to be bigger somehow if it's going to be meaningful. It has to push me harder than my first resolutions, so: This time it won't be just one week. It has to be one month. (AHH!!) And the reason I'm blogging about it tonight, is because if I tell you (who read my blog: thank you for all of your support by the way), then I HAVE to do it. Or at least I have to give it a real try.

Here's the eating plan:
Breakfast: Fruits (cut up or in shakes, are there any other fruity ideas out there?)
Lunch: Salads (does anyone have good ideas for yummy salads? Please divulge!)
Dinner: something cooked but still healthy. For me, this means I'll be doing dinners from Jacque's healthy cookbook that she created (no dairy or flour and low meat, hurray!).
No candy, no soda, no big-sugar hits. And no flour.
That last part was actually hard to type.

BUT: we have Saturdays off.
I've heard of this being successful for a couple of people, and I can re-evaluate later and see if this was detrimental or not. I noticed when I did my week of Resolution (step 1), that it was easier to get through the tough moments if I told myself, "I have to be tough for this week. Next Tuesday I can do whatever, but right now I can't give in." So hopefully Saturdays will be that beacon of hope for me.

I'll also be re-starting the walking/running every night, too.

So what do I hope to accomplish with this?
I want to see if it changes me.
Physically, but also maybe my desire to self-improve will get stronger. Maybe I'll learn how to change in better ways.
Maybe I will prove something to myself by doing this.

I'm starting tomorrow: Tuesday, July 7th. That means that this will all be over August 4th. Here we go...

...Crap, I just remembered that Michael's birthday is in two weeks. (sigh) Do you think he'll go for a glutein-free birthday cake? Just kidding.


Kylen and Adrienne said...

Way to go, Bre! I'm so proud that you're working on this. I'm sure there will be hard times, so be careful not to beat yourself up too much, just focus on the now and future. I've been trying to eat more healthy, too, but I can't be too drastic b/c I'm nursing, but here's some ideas:

Breakfast idea: a banana boat (like a banana split)...cut it lengthwise, top with yogurt (can you eat dairy?) and cut-up fruit. I like the fruit cocktail canned stuff, too.

Salad idea: To save you some calories on dressing, just do a little olive oil, lemon juice and dried or fresh mint (you can get dried mint in bags...let me know if you can't find any & I'll lend you some). It's the Lebanese way to dress salads...very healthy!

Breanne said...

Thank you thank you! I love the ideas and will try them soon.