Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What's going on??

This morning I had to pick up Michael from the bus stop, as I've had to do a few other times when he's worked his graveyard shift. Usually, I roll out of bed wearing my pink pajama pants, and I throw on this huge brown oversized robe and walk to the car, because it's usually before 7 or so and I know no one will see me.

Today, for some reason, I put in a somewhat respectable pair of grey sweats, and Michael's sweatshirt. I didn't bother doing my hair, just put it in a hair tie and held it back with a headband. Oh, and no contacts, I put on my big thick-framed glasses. I wasn't expecting to see anyone, but I have to walk around the house to get to the car, and there's more of a chance for people to see me.
(By the way, my sister is probably mortified for me already. Before any of us is awake in the morning, she is showered, dressed, and has make-up on and her hair done, ready for the day. I admire it but it makes me tired to think of it).

Anyway, if you have never been on my street, I live on a corner. The driveway faces the main street with all of the other driveways, and then we have one side of the house on a side-street that has no driveways. As I came out this morning and started to walk up through our side-yard to get to the driveway, I saw a big truck with a huge satellite on top of it parked right next to our side-yard. I thought, "Good thing I put on the sweats, though I am regretting my hair at this point."

From the time it took me to walk through the yard to get in my car and pull out of the driveway, the ENTIRE side-street was full of vans and trucks!! AHH! They all arrived at precisely the same moment. And even the church parking lot kiddy-corner from my house had vans and trucks in it.

I called my mom on my cell (we rent out her basement). She was getting ready for work, and I forced her to go look out the window. She said, "Oh. They're on my property." So I told her to go ask them what's going on. She called me back a few minutes later.

"I asked them what they were doing, and they said they couldn't tell me. I asked if it was something for the cable, and one guy said 'yes' but I think he was just placating me. Then I asked if they could make my internet go faster and no one responded."

I laughed, because, come on, that was hilarious, but we both don't think it's a cable company because there are trucks from several different companies out there, some of them are electric companies. When I came home from getting Michael, they had cameras and computer equipment out. They're still here. They are out there right now! In fact, more of them are arriving. A semi just pulled up. I'm just hunkered in here, waiting, and as soon as I finish this post you can bet I'll take a shower and do my hair.

I brazenly took some photos, daring them to tell me to stop, but no one did. In fact they just ignored me. Like, "Don't mind us and our truck Brigade. We'll be as quiet as 15 bulldozers, I swear."

UPDATE: I just took a shower and walked out, and my next-door-neighbor was walking by. She told me that our neighbors are getting an ambush makeover by Oprah!

Well, if anyone could summon that many diesel trucks and vans in one place, it's Oprah.


★Jasmine said...

visiting here ;)

Jacque said...

I love that. Can you make my internet go faster? ha ha! Man, it's too bad it wasn't you guys. How bout that, all those trucks and all the houses around the one that's been picked are like, man! that could've been me!

Hugs from mom said...

Oh My Gosh! You should have walked right over in your sweats and said, "Hey, how about a makeover for This!" I want a picture of your neighbor when it's all over. And by the way, mom's comment was Hillarious.

Breanne said...

I believe it's a makeover for their home. They had big moving trucks and were pulling furniture out and putting furniture in.

Barney Family said...

o.k., I suppose I should make a comment about what you were talking about...but I'm more hung-up on you saying, "my sister is always dressed, etc., first thing in the morning..." I'd like you to know that this sister of yours has barely been dressed all week--walmart trips at midnight included. But, of course, I knew you weren't talking about me. But, in the future, will you say, "My sister, E, N, L, or J..." whatever the case may be, did such and such. Then I know who exactly to give a hard time to...And, by the way, aren't you proud I'm starting to read blogs? I'm feeling my life becoming more electronic and less personal minute by minute...