Thursday, December 8, 2011

30 days of Book Discussion: Day 14

Favorite book by your favorite writer

Oh, so easy.  In fact, sometimes I refer to this as my Favorite Book, depending on what circles I'm traveling in.

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson.  This is actually the first in a trilogy, but to me this is the perfect book.  The whole arc of the plot is perfection.

I explained this to a co-worker the other day like this:
The first Star Wars movie that came out is now technically 4th movie, right?  A New Hope.  And to me, that is the most perfectly plotted story of the six.  I watched a documentary about Star Wars that talked about how George Lucas originally wrote Star Wars as a trilogy of movies, but he didn't think that any company would pick up three movies, so he re-wrote it and pushed the big climax into the first movie (you know, where they take out the death star?).  Remember how huge and intimidating the death star is?  And they take it out in the first movie.  And then the big threat in the next two movies is... they're building another death star.  Lol. When you think about it that way it's obvious that some plot re-arranging has taken place, isn't it?

Anyway, so the first movie (or the 4th, whatever) is the most beautiful plot arc to me.  You have your hero who goes through some character progression,  you have your insurmountable feat (the death star), and they take it out - pow!  Cue the dancing in the streets.

So Mistborn is kind of the same way.  I feel like Sanderson built up the Insurmountable Object in this book so much that the stuff that happened in the other books just seemed like dealing with the aftermath.  Of course, the next two books are fabulous and epic, but they're just not as perfect as the first book.  The Insurmountable Objects of those books are more vague and ambiguous, whereas the first book you have a solid goal that everyone is working towards.

But it's not just the big finish, it's the whole journey there, the varied and endearing cast of characters, the progression of our heroine, and just for the ladies: there are even balls with fancy dresses.  To me, every perfect book needs some fancy dresses!  Take note, authors.  Even The Hunger Games had fancy dresses.  Very key element.  Probably why more people don't like Twilight - she just wears jeans the whole time!

Okay, I am really kidding, but my point is that I feel like there is a little something for everyone.  Action, romance, great characters, a coming-of-age story with smart writing and an epic ending.  It's just the perfect book!


Ross and Kathy said...

To me, reading the James Herriot books was like having a box of chocolates around. I could sit down and read a chapter or two, feel really good, and know that I could come back and read some more feel good stories at some other time. I also like real stuff, fantasy not so much.

Hugs from mom said...

Oooo I love this review. I think this is the best review of Mistborn I've ever seen. There's something about Sanderson's writing that is so satisfying. I guess, like Dad said, like eating a box of chocolates (without putting on the weight). :) But Mistborn is just a classic in so many ways. I find myself wanting to reread it often. Maybe just so I can pretend I'm a girl flying around in a fancy dress!