Tuesday, December 13, 2011

30 Days of Book Discussion: Day 19

Favorite movie made from a book

Actually, I think the last Harry Potter was really well done.  It was kind of a sad, beautiful, chaotic thing.  I thought the music was really well done, also.  It was more or less how I envisioned the book and that is always satisfying.

Other than that, there are lots of literary adaptations that I like.  It's too hard to choose between them.  Maybe I'll have to do a blog post when this is all over about my favorite Sumptuous Literary Adaptations, to borrow a phrase from Miss Nemesis.

What about you?  What are your favorite movies that were made from books?

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Hugs from mom said...

You know I really like The Lord of the Rings. The books were so scary and i think the movies captured the beauty, horror, and emotion of the books really well. I also have high hopes for The Hunger Games. The previews actually look really good. I hated Twilight, though. I almost have to watch with my eyes clothes because the actors bother me so much. I really liked those books and I think the movies ruin it.