Friday, December 30, 2011

30 Days of Book Discussion: Day 22

Favorite book you own

Well that's just silly.  All the books I've already been talking about I own.  Anything that you see that was a favorite of mine I probably own.  Except Michael loaned Mistborn to someone a couple of years ago and we can't remember who.

Anyway, working at the library gives me VERY little reason to purchase books.  So if I do purchase a book, it's because I really, really loved it and must have a copy on hand for future reference and nostalgic reading whims.  My Favorite Book I even buy different editions of, because I like the different look of the fonts and feel of the different papers - it's like a collection.

Michael, on the other hand, used to have dreams about owning every book he's ever read, and having an extensive library where he could gaze across the shelves and see all these things he's read.

So what's your preference?  Do you like having copies of the books you've read on hand, or do you like to borrow from friends or the library?

Just as a note: if you are trying to clean house and have lots of books that you don't really want to keep around anymore, donate them to the library!  Your library will be grateful for the donation, and even if they don't add your book to their collection, they can probably put it in a book sale where the proceeds will aid the library - and then your book won't lie at the bottom of a landfill! (Call your library first to ask about donation info).  Also - you can get a tax deduction donation slip.  Libraries can't give you a receipt showing you the value of what you donated, but they can give you a slip saying you donated something at all.  I'm not sure how much it helps at tax time, but it's something, right?

So what book do you absolutely have to own?

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Hugs from mom said...

That's good to know. I've always felt posessive about my books. They're like my friends, we have a relationship. We've shared good times and bad. It's hard to think of letting them go. But space becomes an issue after a while and you just can't hold on to everything.

I have noticed now that when I walk through the library and glance at the shelves I see so many long lost friends. It's like a reunion every time.