Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Give the people what they want

Thanks, everyone, for voting in my poll. Here are the results:

In bed by midnight and up by 8:00am it is!
Actually, I'm not far from this schedule right now, so I was a little disappointed that this wouldn't be more challenging. But I keep thinking: routine, routine! I think it's really important for me to establish a routine so that good things will come more naturally to me (rather than being awash in whatever urgent matter I can remember at that moment). Plus, I've heard that getting healthier involves a three-pronged attack: exercise, diet, and rest! So what's wrong with making sure I get a little rest? Bring it on.

So, for the next 21 days, the two most important things that I absolutely have to do are: 1. get in bed by midnight and set the alarm for 8; and 2. exercise every morning.

I have other ideas for things I want to add to my routine, and I can try for those, but if I'm feeling tired and want to throw something out of the window, it absolutely can't be #1 or #2.

Now, I'm planning on starting tonight and counting tomorrow as my first full day, but there's a problem. Tomorrow I'm getting my wisdom teeth out. Tenative plans are: go ahead with the goal as expected. If I'm absolutely out of commission from the wisdom teeth, then I'll postpone the goals for a few days and start early next week. Wish me luck.

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