Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blog Game

This is how the game works:

There is a list of questions (what is your favorite food, etc).
For each question, you type in your answer into Google's Image Search. Then you must choose your favorite image from the first page only, and post it on your blog. What you end up with is can be crazy or surprisingly insightful.

Here are my answers:

My Age:

A place I'd like to travel to:

A favorite place:

A favorite object:

My favorite Food:

My favorite animal:

but also:

My favorite color:

The town where I was born:

The town where I live:

A past pet:

A past love:

My best friend's nickname:

My screen name:

My first name:

My middle name:

My last name:

One of my bad habits:

My first job:

My grandmother's name:


My college degree:

What I'm doing right now:


Hugs from mom said...

That was fascinating and fun. Can I try? You do realize some of our pictures will be the same, right?

Breanne said...

Some of the pictures on the first page change everyday, so we could have different stuff for the same answers. Just be careful when you're searching an image for a girl's name. Sometimes skanky pictures can show up. You can just skip that part if you don't want to endanger yourself.

DayDreamin' said...
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DayDreamin' said...

Endanger? Cute idea, I'm gonna try it on my blog && I'll provide a link back 2 your post!!♥ I might even add u 2 my ♥Those I Stalk♥ BlogRoll...if u don't mind!☺

Breanne said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DayDreamin' said...

♥AWESOME♥ When I post it I'll leave u a link 2 my blog!! **I have a adult content block up...NO PORN but I DON'T watch my all at times!! ♥Hope u still visit though!!♥

DayDreamin' said...

Come && visit!!♥