Friday, August 29, 2008

My Just Desserts

I torture my husband in his sleep. Because he's so fun to mess with when his defenses are down. Mostly I just like getting him to tell me that he loves me when he's not even really conscious, that does a lot for my ego. Sometimes he talks nonsense in his sleep (last week he congratulated me on my "big account," whatever that means). But today I didn't expect that he would torture me in his sleep!

He went shooting yesterday with my brother and brother-in-law. How very virile they all are. (I am going to make them take me next time and I will make sure to wear heels and something pink). Anyway, I found Michael asleep on the couch this morning, and was trying to shoo him into the bedroom so he could sleep comfortably. Suddenly he said:

"You would make good target practice."

My response: "WHAT!"

My shriek didn't wake him up, and I kept pestering him, because I wanted this cleared up right away.
The only other things I got from him were, "Why don't you just read it."
Me: "Read what??"
Him: "The statements."

He was incoherent after that. I said very seriously,
"You do know you are talking nonsense, right?"

He had the sensible presence of mind to look sheepish in his sleep.

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Brooke Stoneman said...

That's awesome. Max is a sleep talker, but he only does it about once a month - needless to say it's the highlight of my month. I'll try and coax him to finish his sentence or ask him what he means by "they are empty, all of them".

A few weeks before we left we were staying at my parents house and he was asleep while I was reading next to him with the lamp on. All of a sudden he sat up in bed with is eyes closed and said "My name is Max Stoneman and I'd like to tell you why I'm voting for Barack Obama for president of the United States of America" Then he went to list several great reasons before laying back down and going to sleep. He didn't remember a thing in the morning. It was so stinkin' funny I almost fell out of the bed.