Wednesday, August 13, 2008

If you chance to meet a frown

An African guy came to the library today.
(He had the accent and a flag pin with green, red, and yellow colors, so I guess it's an assumption, but hopefully an accurate one.)

This is our conversation:

Him: Do you have books on mental illness?
Me: Do you know which kind of mental illness?
Him: Schizophrenia.
Me: Yes, let me look that up, just a moment.
Him: [reading my name tag] Breenee?
Me: Hmm? Oh, it's Breanne.
Him: Breanne. You have a kind face.
Me: Oh! Thank you.
Him: I'm not trying to be fresh or anything. You just have a kind face.
Me: Well thanks very much.

Ok, if all the other patrons in the world would just give me nice compliments like that, then that would be great. Thanks.

p.s. - I am going to resist with all my might thoughts like, "Well then kind people must have fat faces." Because it was a compliment and that would just taint it.

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DayDreamin' said...

"Well then kind people must have fat faces."

♥Disagree♥ My Best Friend has a rather narrow face && I along w/ everyone who knows her thinks she has a kind face!!♥

It's more the aura u give off than the way ure face looks...I think!