Thursday, August 28, 2008

If wishes were fishes

My husband and I like music, we want music, and we buy music. Our favorite method is getting single songs on iTunes. After years of buying CDs at the store and getting a whole album-full of crappy music and one good song, it is so refreshing to be able to buy one song that we actually want and not pay for all those crappy ones. Occasionally we'll find an album where every song sounds pretty good (my latest craze has been Life Left To Go by Safetysuit), but they only come along once every few months.

Today my husband sent me this message over the computer:

Husband: "Sweetie, I can't help but notice you have been buying Mozart? Do I not have enough for your liking?"

Michael has a dozen or so classical CDs, and I keep forgetting. But I thought the way he phrased his question was sort of funny. I'm reading a language-heavy Jane Austen spin-off right now, and what he said seemed so Darcy-esque. My stomach did a couple of flippies. Maybe I can get him to talk like that all the time? And dress in regency clothing? Probably not.