Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekly music crush

I heard this just last night and knew instantly that it was this week's music crush.

It's a remake of Careless Whisper, George Michael's 80's song that laments, "I'm never gonna dance again, these guilty feet have got no rythm..."
The song is so outdated and sappy, and it just cracks me up that Seether did a cover of it... Seether. It totally breathes new life into the song. Too bad it can't do anything for the sappy lyrics.
Honestly, I'm pretty partial to the original song. Love, love, love this remake, though. This is just a 30 second clip, but you can listen to the whole clip here. I'd encourage you to listen to the whole thing, if only so that you can bear witness to the fact that Seether redid a George Michael song.

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